“I just assume it’s how you get to work.” @davenavarro riding a bat, obviously. I’ve been meaning to post this but I got caught up with the holidays and watching forensic tv if I’m being honest. I’m really proud of this tattoo. I’ve looked over it a lot since it’s of some bizarre significance to me, and I still giggle when I see it. It’s silly and funny and I’m glad I did it. And I’m glad my delightful canvas was game for it. Lots of people think I did this to suck up to Dave, but I honestly just thought it was funny. And I hadn’t had a chance to do a tattoo that was silly and funny nor did I have a chance to do a new school portrait, which is something I love doing. Anyways, the fact is I got to tattoo a picture of the guitar-man from Jane’s Addiction riding a screaming pink bat while he swung around from hooks and hundreds of people cheered. And it was on tv. That’s not a fever dream. That was just a day I had last month. As a fan of the surreal and bizarre, it remains a good memory. 🖤 🦇 (EDIT: we don’t need to get all feisty about the results of the show here. No one was robbed. Gian and Ryan are both amazing artists and people. And the judges make tough calls and it’s all good. I’ll delete rude comments.) @helheimgallery #helheimgallery #salem #salemma @spikeinkmaster #inkmaster #inkmasterseason8 @quickcaps #quickcaps @kingpintattoosupply #kingpintattoosupply @heliostattoo #heliostattooneedles @truetubes #truegrips @eternalink #eternalink @saniderm #saniderm @redemptiontattoocare #redemptiontattoocare @stencilstuff #stencilstuff @fkirons #fkirons #stilllaughing