Philly @villainarts was bananas! Of course I spent the weekend with @nikkisimpsontattoos @giarosetattoo @ryanashleymalarkey and my amazing and ass kicking apprentice @brittxwhitman! (And I got to spend 10 seconds with @missmaryleigh Rather than our usual 5 seconds). Also a huge thanks to @fortyounces @timruins and @joshbalz for being awesome and helping us all weekend. And a big thanks to our booth mates @blackcraftcult and @blackcraftspirits for everything! And also to all of our sponsors and everyone that supports us and our work. I got to visit with @fkirons and @heliostattoo and @redemptiontattoocare a little, but it was so packed I didn’t get a chance to visit a lot of other booths. Luckily we have a lot more conventions planned for the year! And of course a massive thank you to all the people that came to see us and say hi. It was unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of and it meant so much to me. I’m sorry to anyone I nervous sweated on. @helheimgallery #helheimgallery #salem #salemma @spikeinkmaster #inkmaster #inkmasterseason8 @quickcaps #quickcaps @kingpintattoosupply #kingpintattoosupply @heliostattoo #heliostattooneedles @truetubes #truegrips @eternalink #eternalink @saniderm #saniderm @redemptiontattoocare #redemptiontattoocare @stencilstuff #stencilstuff @fkirons #fkirons