✖️Short answer: because most professions have what’s called “specialties” and tattooing is no different. ✖️
Long answer: because I like it. I do what I like to do the most and I work very hard on it. My clients want tattoos that look a particular style, and that’s the style I’m most excited to do. Most people want their artist to be excited to do their tattoo, not just tattooing to get a paycheck. That being said, I think all areas of tattooing influence each other. So I make it my business to be a well rounded tattooer, and a solid technician. So if something outside of my comfort zone came my way, I could accomplish it. And every so often, I do exactly that. However. I don’t take a lot of tattoos on because I’ve worked my butt off tattooing for almost 10 years now building a particular style and I own my own shop and I don’t really understand why people are vehement that I take on tattoos that could be better done by someone who specializes in other fields of tattooing. I’ve proven myself to be versatile as a technician. But my interests are my interests, and I have no apologies to make there. #onetrickpony #iaintsorry #sinkmaster