“Vitamin D Deficiency”. Nothing out of the ordinary there. We receive vitamin D via the sun, vampires are averse to sunlight. And here’s a vampire getting a perfectly normal stake through the heart. As vampires are prone to. So as you see, no double entendres to be found here. 🦇🍆🦇 This is for the #theblindtigertattoo show @bruiselikeapeach is putting on at @theblindtigertattoo! Go see some amazing an phallicular art this weekend and at @hell_city Columbus in a few weeks! (Man it is hard trying to get a pic of this thing that doesn’t suck. Now I understand why dudes don’t hang dong on crushed velvet in an attempt to class up their dick pics) #allmyfriendsaredicks #dickula #knobgoblin #helheimgallery @helheimgallery #vladtheimpaler #veins